Friday, August 12, 2011

Young Women Manual 3, lesson 16 (or 17)

I made this for a friend who is teaching this Sunday. She wanted something neat for her girls to hang on their walls or put in a frame. So I made this. I took the pic, too- makes me extra proud!! They are in 4x6 if you would like to print them as well. Please don't re-sell them, though. Thanks!

Two styles to choose from!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Whoo are You?

 Go to Night Owl Crafting. Get your questions. Answer them. Link back. Comment on other people's posts.

Here are this week's questions!
1. Do you exercise regularly and what do you do?
No. I hate exercise. I wish that I liked it. I really do. But I don't. I also wish that I liked healthy food.
2. Do you have any weird sleeping habits?
 Yes. I love sleep and I hate sleep. I dream TONS and wake up feeling the dream. If I was running and yelling in my dream, I wake up exhausted and have a sore throat. And I dream ALL night. I did just discover that if I can sleep in ACTUAL darkness (my daughter has a light on down the hall), I sleep better. Hubby bought me an eye mask for my birthday on Sunday. I slept SO well last night.
3. How often do you vacuum?
I only have one carpeted room, so not often. 
4.Do you accessorize and if so what is your favorite thing to accessorize with?
Yes, yes, yes!! I sell lia sophia  jewelry, so Momma's gotta have her bling. I also LOVE shoes, though
I can't afford them often. And I have a stellar orange purse!!


(I have the pieces that are not blurred, but I LOVE this page!! I want those hoops!!)

5. What is your favorite drink during the summertime?

It's a tie between regular 'ol water and lemonade. This pregnancy I have been wanting smoothies like nothing else!!