Friday, March 18, 2016


Don't laugh at me, but I get excited about..... um, everything. It's not on purpose, it's just who I am. So when I was accepted to review a BATHROOM SCALE, I was ecstatic. What, it doesn't make YOU jump for joy? Then you are missing out! I've been married for almost 13 years and have always WANTED one, but never felt it was high enough on the priority list to justify spending any money.

However, this one IS. I decided to make a list of things you can use a scale for. Ready?

1. Seeing how much you weight.
2. Seeing how much your kids way so you know if it's time to go up a carseat!
3. Having a contest between you and your husband and making sure he keeps weighing more than you!
4. Weighing small animals- No really, I'm kind of tempted to weight the chickens.
5. Seeing what time of day you way the most and the least.
6. Seeing if you really did drop 10 pounds when you were throwing up
7. Comparing your REAL weight to your drivers license.
8. Weighing things around the house that don't fit on the kitchen scale.
9.  Checking to see if your airline bag will fit without paying for extra baggage.
10. Figuring out how much your food storage weights

Anywho, if you like this one (which WE do!), you can pick it up HERE.  #EatSmartScale

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Piece of Sky- review by Juliana

Hello I'm Juliana and I'm going to tell you about "Piece of sky" by Ann Hunter. It's about a chicken named Rose that finds an " acorn" but it's a magic "acorn" but she calls it a piece of sky. The characters are Rose, Grainia, Abaven, Nurgal, dog, mare, the kelpie, Shiver, Cerennunos, and E.N.Ts. 

The book teaches us even though we are small, we can do BIG things. In it she is gone so long she forgets about the farm. She went on a long journey and almost froze to death on the mountain. Then she, a little chicken, had to face Nurgal the lord of decay! She had to go through many trials, and exhaustion to save the world! 


Oh, and we have a video review, too!

Purchase it HERE! 
*We did receive this book for free in exchange for our honest review.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Stone Bearers

I love having the opportunity to be part of something new and exciting. As most of you know, I've recently had the chance to start reviewing products and books. I like it because it makes me feel important, lol! #sorrynotsorry #FutureHousePub

One of my most recent reviews was for a book. It's called the Stone Bearers by Jacque Stevens. It's a clean, exciting book that I'm excited my 11 year old wants to read. Right now, you can get a free, SIGNED copy of the book if you head here: 

If you don't want to wait (and I wouldn't), the book is currently $.99 on Amazon, so grab it here:

Lastly, if you are on Goodreads, first follow me (imafishtank) then find Stone Bearers: