Friday, January 27, 2017

A Little Bit at a Time

My family is doing a food challenge. Sometimes I love it. Sometimes I hate it. I really, really like my sugar. A lot. And I've learned that my body uses is a bit differently than most people do. I know that I need to make some permanent changes in my life so it can be ling and healthy, but sometimes the sheer amount of preparation it takes to eat better is so overwhelming. One thing that is making it easier is my new toy!! I shouldn't say toy because it's WAY too sharp to be a toy.

Check out my new mandolin!

I even made a video using this! I did not get this for free, but did get it at a discount.

You can buy one here:

Friday, January 13, 2017

Lightning Fast French

I wanted my first post of the new year to be the amazing bedrooms the kids got for Christmas, but, it's not. Because they are not done. Because mommy forgot to incorporate the cost of hardware and time to hang everything up. I feel like my whole house is in shambles at the moment. Anywho- I am back to reviewing.

Today's review is for this book called Lightning Fast French.I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review. Juliana made a video explaining how it's different than other programs she's used:
Here's a still shot of the cover:
You can click on the picture or HERE to purchase it from Amazon. It's fun to see Juliana excited again. I was worried that our French days were done. I know they have a few other languages as well.