Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's K'Nex time again!!!!

Ok, can I tell you how crazy stoked I am that we had the opportunity to test K'Nex again this year? The toys came at the perfect time!!

First, the promise of new toys got Vaughn to do a little extra in the helping around the house department! 

 This was the most important part to Vaughn. We HAD to have the instructions FIRST!
 I loved that he could put it together himself. There were a couple things I had to help him with first, but only once!

This kit was good for HOURS of fun the first few days. The thing is- we are almost a week out and he has taken SUCH good care of this kit that there are NO missing pieces! I mean, he's THREE!!!! He still plays with it daily- building, playing, unbuilding, and cleaning up. I love this kit!!!

This kit was sent to me for free to review by K'Nex. I was not paid for my opinions.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Art Journal Pages

Ok, so my friends and I have been getting together a LOT lately to art journal. It's amazing how being with a group has been so good for each of us! I <3 these girls!!!

I also love my newest pages! Ok, one more than the other. Which should I post first? The one I'm in love with? No, that would be too easy. First you can see my "other" page:

This page is inspired by two things: the quote on the left page (found on Pinterest) and Anne of Green Gables. I know she's a fictional character, but she's one of my heroes!! I love this page except for the coloring on the top right page. Not sure if I'm going to paint over it or just leave it. We'll see. The quote is on a mini book. :D

Ok, so that's my newest page.... ready for my favoritest one I've ever done ever? Ready?!?!!?

Steam Punk Star Wars!!!! I'm in LOVE!! Is that cocky? I rarely love anything I have done this much!!! I'm even going to give you more details, k?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


So, since I've had this nephrostomy, I've been struggling a bit. Normally, when I hit the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, I am a "git 'er done" machine!! I nest like crazy and get TONS done. Well, my lovely kidney stone changed that for me. I have had the HARDEST time focusing on ANYthing at all- if I'm even feeling up to doing anything. I've been crocheting a little bit, and that has been nice, but the thing that has kept my sanity- has been art journaling.

It doesn't need any specific direction. It gives me an opportunity to spend time with friends. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment.

So here are my latest pages!