Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's K'Nex time again!!!!

Ok, can I tell you how crazy stoked I am that we had the opportunity to test K'Nex again this year? The toys came at the perfect time!!

First, the promise of new toys got Vaughn to do a little extra in the helping around the house department! 

 This was the most important part to Vaughn. We HAD to have the instructions FIRST!
 I loved that he could put it together himself. There were a couple things I had to help him with first, but only once!

This kit was good for HOURS of fun the first few days. The thing is- we are almost a week out and he has taken SUCH good care of this kit that there are NO missing pieces! I mean, he's THREE!!!! He still plays with it daily- building, playing, unbuilding, and cleaning up. I love this kit!!!

This kit was sent to me for free to review by K'Nex. I was not paid for my opinions.

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