Tuesday, October 11, 2011


So, since I've had this nephrostomy, I've been struggling a bit. Normally, when I hit the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, I am a "git 'er done" machine!! I nest like crazy and get TONS done. Well, my lovely kidney stone changed that for me. I have had the HARDEST time focusing on ANYthing at all- if I'm even feeling up to doing anything. I've been crocheting a little bit, and that has been nice, but the thing that has kept my sanity- has been art journaling.

It doesn't need any specific direction. It gives me an opportunity to spend time with friends. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment.

So here are my latest pages!

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  1. I wrote a comment and it got eaten. :( Basically it said you are awesome. :)


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