Thursday, October 18, 2012

Autumn In My Heart

My favorite thing about being on Creative Teams is not the free stuff. I mean, that's RIGHT up there on the list, but the other thing- it gets me to do more pages and to be proud of them!!! Scraps By Missy is releasing a kit today called Autumn In My Heart. I loved it so much that I did TWO pages!!!
Here is a preview of the kit:

Here are my pages!
 These beautiful pictures of my children were taken by Emilie Davis of M's Photography. I DID change the color a tad bit to match the papers. Photographers in general HATE it when clients edit their pictures themselves, but I just HAD to use these pictures AND this paper. They were MADE for each other!!!!! So, Emilie, if you see this, PLEASE forgive me!
My beautiful girl. I know, I have two beautiful girls. LOVE this smile

I think you should click THIS link (or the preview) and go buy this kit from STS!

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