Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Well, it's obvious that I digiscrap, yes. I have been digiscrapping for around 6 years now. My very first digiscrap home was Stuff To Scrap. I have loved that place! The designers, the challenges, the games, the gallery, the speed scraps, the sales, and the people.

I opened Facebook this morning and the very first post I saw after somebody changing their profile photo to one of rememberence for 9/11 was news that Stuff to Scrap is closing at the end of the month. I wanted to cry. I'm still a little teary eyed. I know it's "just a website" to so many people, but to me, it's so much more. It has given me the skills, the tutorials, the chance to stretch myself, the confidence I now have in my scrapping ability and also lots of friends.

Here's the silver lining for you (though not for me yet). Most of the designers are having sales. So go check out the store HERE.

I understand why it had to happen. The owner has decided that she needs to focus on her family and things in her personal life. I highly respect her for that. I'm still just sad. I had *JUST* gotten on the store design team and was so excited to be hosting challenges and speed scraps. Oh well.

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