Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Grand Opening!!

When LyllahRaven Designs has a store Grand Opening, she really makes it �grand�! Her $5 gift certificate contest will reach its finale, since the winner will be chosen on February 1st, but the contest continues to run until then. Every purchase made in the LyllahRaven GoDigitalScrapping store automatically enters you into the contest! All you have to do is go over there and check out her Grand Opening Sale! LyllahRaven Designs is sharing two brand new kits and a new paper texture pack with you for our GDS Grand Opening. Not only are they all gorgeous, but also they are all 50% off from January 29th through February 5th! She will also have the GDS Daily Download on Friday at the GDS Forum! Fantastic and fun stuff galore!! LyllahRaven Designs really knows how to throw a Grand Opening Party!
Gentleman�s Quarterly
Who says that digital scrapbooking is just for women? Gentlemen�s Quarterly takes you to days gone by with it�s love of weathered looking things, it�s darker tones of black, maroon, beige and green telling us that this is a man�s job before we ever lay a picture down. Mustaches, beer life byte cards, metal and newspaper flowers are all reminders that this kit is about being part of the boy�s club, Scrapping those pictures of Grandpa, or the ones you took of the guys talking that they didn�t see you take, or father and son moments, all would work with this clever kit!
With All My Heart lrd_wamh_fullpreviewlrd_wamh_paperpreviewlrd_wamh_paperaddon_previewlrd_wamh_bundlepreview
With All My Heart expresses those tender moments perfectly with rosy pinks, gentle beiges and velvety browns. Fragile lace bits in many of the flowers, as well as on it�s own as an element balance out the strong metal charms that say �You Are Loved�, and the alpha. A subtle reminder from the artist that love is both something precious to be cherished as well as something vibrant to be celebrated. This kit is easily adaptable not just for romantic memories but also to family treasured moments such as those old photos of your Grandmother that you have in a box in the closet.
CU Paper Textures Vol. 2
Have you ever made your own papers? If you have not, here is your chance to learn! It�s fun! A little like a party game. First you would open one of these fantastic textures. Create a new layer above your texture layer. Fill the new layer with a color. Adjust the blend mode of the color layer until you are happy with the result. You also could try using multiple color layers at different blend modes for a more specific look. Save as a .jpg with a new name and that�s it. Party Prize: You made a paper! Also don�t forget the super fun SPEED SCRAP! On Saturday! Everyone loves a speed scrap! This one is being held in in the new (yay!) Neatchat room on the GDS Facebook Page as well as in the Speed Scrap Forum at GDS. So details are: LyllahRaven Designs Grand Opening Celebratory Speed Scrap Happening in the Neatchat room on Facebook in the GoDigitalScrapbooking Facebook page Saturday, Feb 1st at 3 p.m. CST
Everyone with have 24 hours to post to the LyllahRaven Designs Speed Scraps thread. Once you do you will be eligible for a coupon for the prize!
Chocolate Mojito mini kit folder
So throw open the doors and let the wind catch the streamers, it�s time for the Grand Opening!
Welcome to LyllahRaven Designs store at GoDigitalScrapbooking!

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