Thursday, March 13, 2014

Radio Silence

Things have been pretty quiet here, but not because I've abandoned my blog. No, no. Turns out, I'm having a baby! And this baby has a serious list of no-no's for mommy.

Things that currently make me puke:
Smelling a pot heat up to boiling
Talking about Laundry
Thinking about laundry
Changing my clothes
Did I mention Photoshop? Can I tell you how big of a dent this puts in my digiplans?
Seeing template packs
The smell of food in the car
Saltine Crackers

I am 9 weeks along, so hopefully, in the next 3 weeks, some of these (photoshop) will stop making me sick because this is ridiculous!!

Good things about this pregnancy-
I crave fruit
I want veggies
I'm having a baby!
I'm realizing HOW helpful my older kids are!!

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  1. Came to snag an old freebie (which I found, thank you for keeping them on so long) and saw this post. So I have to say: congratulations! I do hope the nausea will pass soon and everything will go really well. Take care of you! Cynthia


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