Friday, January 22, 2016

Ta-Da 1-22-16

I've already been busy this month!!

My main thing has been my bullet journal. I actually started it in December because I just couldn't contain my excitement, but now I"m a month into it. I have found that it helps me out a LOT. However, I'm not good at making it for other people.
I was crazy inspired by BohoBerry's journal (see her video HERE) . She actually has some neat things to help set yours up and plan for the next month. I couldn't afford a nice journal like hers and I was super impatient, so I just used my composition notebook.

Here is a flipthrough of MY bullet journal, but I'm telling you, it's not exciting, haha.
If you're not up to watching the video, here are a couple snapshots of the journal-

This is my monthly calendar page:

And each month I track things. This will change monthly. For example, I'm not even going to bother with the "eating after 10" or "bed before midnight" because it's just a visual disappointment, lol

This part I'm kind of proud of because I think it's clever. I like to study LDS conference talks (check them out here). This way I can mark off if I read it. I"m hoping to have them all re-read before the April session.

Here is an example of what my every day and weekly pages look like. As you can see, the pens bleed a bit and this is what happens when you don't spend the money on quality products. Live and learn, I suppose!

I told you that one thing I wanted to do was work on Easter all year and crochet each month. I put the two together  this time and made this fantastic blanket that I love so much! I love that the pattern changed often enough that it never got boring. The pattern is called Flowers in a Row. It's by Red Heart and it's FREE!! Click HERE to get it!

Here is my finished product (with 2 of my kiddos!) It's nice and big, wide enough to fit my hubby and I and tall enough that it covers all of me when I want to be cozy!

In case you were wondering, I went pretty close to the pattern. I did use a K hook (Boye) for most of it and an N hook for the border. Yarn was all Red Heart. Colors- light blue, white,  pumpkin, spring green, and pretty in pink.

Here's a closeup!

Needless to say, I'm feeling pretty accomplished so far this year!

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