Thursday, August 4, 2016

Steampunk Camping

Are you sick of me talking about our camping trip yet? Too bad!!! I told you that we are newbies to this whole thing- I'm so grateful for friends who have been helping us prepare. I'm also grateful for the product reviews I've been able to do that will help us on our trip. Of all the  practical things we've gotten, this is totally the most fun!!!

Check out this lantern!!! It's by a company called Mitaki-Japan. Look at it, it's STEAMPUNK!!!! #mitakijapan
It's got 12 LED bulbs in it, copper plating, a dimmer knob, a hanging loop, and a carrying handle. The batteries I put in it were cast-offs that didn't have enough strength to handle my camera flash, but they have been working really well for this lantern. We didn't put this with the camping stuff because it's just too cool! I've used it several times when checking on kids in the middle of the night or  getting medicine for sick kids. Once we finally have my downstairs finished and the shelving built, it'll fit in perfectly with my steampunk decor!!

Want to purchase one yourself? Get it HERE!

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