Thursday, October 25, 2007

Balls and Dolls

Ok, yesterday proved to be EXTREMELY frustrating for me. My kids were NOT nice yesterday, then on top of that, it seemed every project frustrated me.
This is my daughter after her supposed "nap" time with mommy's makeup. Who knew lipstick was for the eyes?
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I won't go into too much more about that day because I'm not sure I can relive all the things they did yesterday!!

As for projects, I did get 2 balls completely made, then 2 more sewn and turned, just not stuffed. I would have stuffed them, but when I locked myself in my room they went missing from my sewing table. Here are the ones that DID get done. They're not exactly round....

Also yesterday, I started working on the blocks for my nephew, butI got REALLY frustrated w/ the different fabrics, so I stopped. So I started Juliana's mermaid doll, but got frustrated trying to figure out which material to use to do the fins, so I put that down, so I decided to do some more felt tea sets, but I cut something wrong and the top didn't fit, so I figured I'd make it into a doll house. I got the sides stitched, th bottom stitched, the door cut, but then the roof was just annoying me, so I stopped, but the "doll" I was making it for was a clothespin doll. I'd never made clothespin dolls before so I figured, what they hey? Let's give it a shot.
THAT was my therapy last night. I made 6 dolls, all quite trendy, I might add and I loved it. It made me feel SO much better about the rest of the day.

Here are the dolls

Here are my unfinished projects.

Oh, I did do an entire crayon roll, but I decided on a button closure instead of velcro... yeah, the button won't button up. Here it is:

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  1. i love the dolls! I'm so sorry your day was so rough! (((HUGS)))


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