Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'm doing it for reals!!

Ok, first announcement, I finished something!!!! Two things actually!
Here is one of the kids' neck pillows. Perfect? No, but it works (mostly)

The next is Juliana's "summer" blanket. I needed something thin because she INSISTS on taking a blanket to bed. So I made this easy sew, no batting, "quilt"

I tied the ties on the ponies' tails because I wanted it to be kinda playful

AND- I'm even working on a new project, get this, for myself. I know, I know- didn't think it would ever happen, but under Kristin's tutelage and with random fabric that didn't cost me anything, I finally got the guts to try. Kristin did all the math for me in converting this tutorial to adult. She's also going to help me take it so it ends up being something cute like one of these shirts from Torrid, Fashion Bug, and Lane Bryant. She said it's just adding elastic under the bust. I seriously wouldn't have the guts to even TRY making any, any, any clothes for myself without her. So a big huge THANK YOU KRISTIN. Hopefully you'll see the end result *soon*

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