Saturday, August 2, 2008

I finally did it!!!

I made a shirt today! I found THIS tutorial and decided, what the heck, why not? So I grabbed some material. Now- I know better than to do first time clothes with anything but regular cotton. But all I had was this fairly heavy silky/polyesterish- I don't know what it is exactly. So I thought, eh, if it doesn't work, I"ll use it for a skirt for Juliana eventually. I followed the tut prety much, then went to try it on. It was a tent. I looked like an old lady that owns 25 cats and lives in a dump. It was awful! Nothing wrong w/ the tut, I just used WAY too much fabric was all (I didn't measure everything exactly). So I decided to take it in and after taking it in like 3" on each side...... still a tent! So I went upstairs and asked Roger to do some pinning where I wanted it to fit. He did and I sewed up the adjustments. I bought some ribbon tonight to use for a belt (I have some D-rings here at home I need to spray paint gold). I've been wearing the shirt since like 3PM but every time I passed a mirror something just didn't sit well. I don't know if it's the line straight down the middle.... DH and BFF said that it was cute and I don't *think* they'd lie to me. Tonight it hit me though- it was the neck. There's so much fabric between my neck and my breasts that they look saggy to me. So I think soon I"m going to adjust the neckline. Either square it, v it, or scoop it. I just need a little less fabric there.
Anyway- here it is- I'm very proud of myself!

You can't see, but there's kind of darts on the side so it's tighter by my breasts and looser by my waist.

Also, I made a couple hand-painted cards last night.

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