Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I stole this

I was at Kristin's blog and clicked on the name of someone who left a comment and went and checked out her blog. Her blog is called Boyish Charm. One of her posts was this cool question thing. You answer the questions by typing in the answer    on flickr and using whatever picture comes up first. Actually, I didn't always take the first picture. A dog is not a good representation of orange! And why pick the first pic that came up under my high school name when 2 pics down was an actual photo of my high school. So I improvised a little.  I hope you don't mind that I borrowed this, I thought it was pretty cool! ETA: When I went and re-searched the things on flickr, the pics were not what I had on here. It almost made me sad on some of them!
So here's mine

1. Robyn Weeping Willow, 2. Baked Ziti from my "Sneaky Chef" Cook Book, 3. Oakdale High School, 4. Aceh sunset, 5. Leonardo Dicaprio, 6. Strawberry Milk Splash, 7. Tour Eiffel Snack Bento, 8. My Yummy Heart.., 9. بــحـط قــلـبـي بــيـن يــديـنـك هــديـه, 10. Not available, 11. wham:a different corner, 12. UrbanRobyn

The questions:

  1. What is your first name? Robyn

  2. What is your favorite food? Baked Ziti

  3. What high school did you attend? Oakdale High School

  4. What is your favorite color? Orange

  5. Who is your celebrity crush? Leonardo DiCaprio (he hasn't always been, but he is now)

  6. What is your favorite drink? Strawberry Milk

  7. What is your dream vacation? A food tour of the US

  8. What is your favorite dessert? milk chocoalte. In almost any way shape, or form

  9. What do you want to be when you grow up? A great mom

  10. What do you most love in your life? My family (that one didn't work. It's this pic here)

  11. One word to describe you. Different

  12. Your flickr name. imafishtank

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