Thursday, August 14, 2008

GRRR- venting

Why is it that in order to save money you have to spend it? The reason I want to save money is because I don't have any! Hello!

Examples of what I'd like to do right now to save money but can't because I can't afford it?

1)Cell phones: we'd like to drop ours and get a cheaper one, or an emergency one. But at $175 per line to drop- no can do!

2)Cloth Diapers: I have a few and decided I love them during the day (I still use disposables at night and when we're not home). But at $13 a diaper for some kinds or $8.00/yard of PUL to make my own covers, I can't afford the supplies or anything to accommodate for the growth spurt Vaughn just had.

3) Student Loans: You know how nice it would be just to pay them off? But we have to keep putting them on forbearance. By the time we've paid Roger's $20,000 worth of student loans off (in 20 years) that $20,000 will have turned into $50,000. Nice, huh? He has to get a second job to pay for the education that he got for the first job! Ridiculous!

4) Water Softener: You go through SO much less detergent and soap (according to the salesperson) but I can't pay $30 a month!

Sorry. I'm done venting. If you have any other suggestions, esp for the diaper issue, I'd appreciate it.

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