Sunday, August 31, 2008

Goals and WIPS

I know, I have so many WIPS it's not even funny. I started 2 new crochet projects on top of it. I'm making another belt for Rachy (coz I wanted to experiment with the fuzzy yarn). I also started a teddy bear. I'd REALLY like to learn how to do arugumi. This is what I'm making I also joined a bunch of new Ravelry groups, one of which is called "Only Half A Skein" and i'm SOOO excited about it. I do really, REALLY want to finish my red shirt though. I got some adorable sheets at DI that would make an adorable shirt for me and matching one for Juliana w/ fabric to spare. I also found another sheet at another DI that has never been used and is going to make some BEAUTIFUL cloth napkins for Rachel for her birthday. She doesn't what I plan on doing to them, though and I dont want to put it here, just in case.

Also, some good news. REmember my post about how it costs money to save money? Roger and I did something smart. WE got a personal loan to pay off the rest of our credit cards, our hospital bills, cancel our phones, and get caught up on bills. It'll be so nice to be paying 9% interest rate instead of 29%! We can finally afford to SAVE money. Talk about relief!

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