Tuesday, August 5, 2008

WIP update

Ok, I finished the block (like I said, it was sewing one straight line)
I also did most of the duvet cover. The blanket I'm putting inside of it is at my friends house right now. I'm actually going to sew it inside and tie it so it's a new blanket altogether.

Also- last night I started an ABC book for Juliana for Christmas. I got the inspiration here. Her drawings are STUNNING and beautiful. My paintings are very elementary and a little on the cheesy side, but hey, she won't care, right? Here's what I have so far




Well- I am going to my mom's tomorrow and I *hope* we can figure out her serger so I can finish my shrug the easy way. Otherwise I have to do real sewing *yikes*! Wish me luck. ANd keep posting your WIPS here or on the flickr group.

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