Saturday, August 16, 2008

Our Ogden Weekend Adventure

This weekend we had QUITE the adventure. The plan: stay at Hubbard House Inn (a bed and breakfast) Friday night, play Saturday, go to Pepperbelly's Sat night. Weeeeelllll..... it wasn't quite that simple. Oh, first I must explain that this was a couples weekend. Roger and I had to bring Vaughn, obviously, but we also went with Rachel and Jerry. When we called and made the reservations, we asked about getting 2 rooms on Friday night. So we get there and the lady was SO super nice, showed us into our super beautiful and clean room with a huge jetted tub and a really cool tile/mural on the wall. We hang out and wait for Rachy and Jerry. They get there, then go up to the house to register. Half an hour later they came back w/ bad news. When the reservations were made, SOMEHOW (nobody is sure how) only one room was written down. There wasn't room for both of us to stay. Since the whole point of the weekend was to have some cool time together (yes, that means playing cards). Anyway, the people were so nice and understanding and didn't charge us for our room. I totally would love to stay there sometime. Anyway, we called a gajillion hotels around to see if any had two rooms available for a reasonable price. We found one place called Budget Inn that was only $40 a night. What a deal! So we drove to Budget Inn. We didn't stay long enough to see any more than the very very torn up pool and scary looking outside.

We drove back a block to Ogden Lodge (I think). It was across the street from the temple and had a pool intact. So Rach and Jerry went in to pay and then we went up to our room. I have one word....eww! It was a non-smoking room, but smelled like stale smoke. It was scary looking and icky feeling. It made my throat hurt. Jerry went and told the guy we had changed our mind. The guy came up to look at the rooms and looked mighty irritated at us. He still gave Jerry a refund and then we headed out. The guy watched us as we got into our cars and left. CREEEEEEPY!!!!! Both Rachel and I had tummy aches from that room.

We remembered seeing a Days Inn earlier, so we decided to try that. We also decided that we wanted to see a room before we committed. Just the lobby made us feel better. They were totally nice about letting us go see the room. The pool area was GORGEOUS, the rooms were clean, it was like breathing new air. We were so excited, so we said OK to those rooms REALLY quickly! Then we went to Dee's for dinner. That was interesting- Vaughn had a stinky bum and there were no changing tables. Then we realized that the diapers were in the van anyway. (the van was parked next door at the hotel).

We went back to the hotel and went swimming. We only swam for 20 minutes, but can I just tell you- it was SO much fun! After swimming was done (Vaughn was crying and the pool was closing), we went back up to the rooms. Everyone got comfy then we got together and played Hand and Foot. Normally there are 5 rounds, but we only made it for 3 rounds, LOL. Roger and I won, btw!

After a good nights rest, we enjoyed a continental breakfast, then headed to the mall. Roger and Jerry went to see the Dark Knight (which neither of us girls wanted to see) and Rachel and i went to see Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 (which neither of the guys wanted to see). We all had fun and enjoyed our time.

THen it was time to split. Rachy and Jerry went for alone time and Roger and I headed to Todd and Mara's. Todd and Roger had been best friends (with Tony, also) since they were babies. They grew up in the same neighborhood and were very close. After hanging out there for like... 3 hours, I think? we all went to Pepperbelly's. That was the reason for the whole trip. Rachy and I were roommates down at Snow and went to Pepperbelly's a lot. That's also where Roger and I had our first date. Unfortunately, the Ephraim Pepperbelly's closed. So we decided to make a trip out of the one in Kaysville. Sydney and Adam came too (also from Snow) as well as Todd and Mara (who went to Snow w/ us but had, criminally, never been to Pepperbelly's). It was so nice to have a group of us from Snow eating food together that we remembered most from Snow.


After dinner, all of us (except Todd and Mara) went to a nearby park where I got to try out the timer on my camera!

Anyway, then we came home to find our crazy kids at Grandma's house (they had spent the night at Jennifer's, but got dropped off at Mom & Dad's)

Anyway- I just want to publicly thank everyone who made this weekend possible. You don't know how much it means to me. I love you!!!!
(oh and I got to work on my sweater/skirt a lot this weekend soon. Expect pics soon!)

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