Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another tag and LOTS of pictures

Apparently Jeanette tagged me a while ago and i didn't notice till now. I'm SUCH a bad friend!! So I'll start with that. Her tag was a picture tag. So here goes:

Name: Robyn Mears Fish

(I'm on the left)

Born: Cottonwood HOspital

but that's not where I grew up. I grew up  in Oakdale, California, where our crowning jewel is the Hershey Factory.... which may have been closed down to open a new plant in Mexico. Who knows? I haven't been there to even visit for 3 yrs

Favorite Color:
I actually have 3
Orange, Pink, and Brown


Favorite City:
That one's really hard! I've been to a lot of cities. I really did like Nauvoo, though.

Places I want to visit:
I know this sounds kinda lame, but they're all restaurants
1.  Four Seasons (I don't care where)
2. Moto (Chicago, IL- they do a bunch of high -tech stuff like edible menus)
3. Mesa Grill- preferrably in NY
4 Serendipty, NYC- for their frozen hot chocolate

1. Holiday decor at the Four Seasons George V, Paris, France, 2. "cotton candy", 3. Mesa Grill, 4. Serendipity 3_Frozen Hot Chocolate

Bad Habit: Chocoholic- I use chocolate to ease stress, boredeom, and any other excuse i come up with
side note- if you click on the links, I don't like all the ingredients, I just liked the pictures. A lot.
1. squares, 2. Give Someone A Big Kiss, 3. calce e mattoni - bricks and cement, 4. special brownies, 5. coffee and chocolate mousse cake, 6. Chocolate Chip Muffins Step_5_READY TO EAT, 7. Happiness (thanks to JustLeaf ;D), 8. Truffelicious Delicious by Bonnie, 9. Cadbury Milk Chocolate

Favorite Animal:
Golden Lion Tamarin

Past Love: Well, I could tell you who my first love was, but we won't go there.

First Job:

J. Haidlen Design- I don't have any pics on the computer. :( It was an Interior Design Firm, I just helped out here and there. They gave me a scholarship as well.

Current Job: SAHM/ sort of photographer


Ok, I tag Kristin (hehe, again, I know), Raini, and Allison

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