Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Book Review and Thank You

First of all, I want to thank Kristin for my birthday package. I am SO excited. She knows my favorite color is orange and that package was full of it. She sent me some WAY cute fabric, some arm warmers, and a super duper adorable diaper bag! Thank you MUCHO my dear friend!

Alright, I got a bunch of books from the library this last week and have been slowly reading and exploring them.

The first one is called Second Time Cool by Anna-Stina Linden Ivarsson, Katarina Brieditis, and Katarina Evans.
It's about what to do with a sweater. There's some history, some runway examples, and some project ideas. One thing that I liked (and hated at the same time) was that the insructions weren't absolute. It gave the idea and pretty much a hint of how to, but left the rest up to you.

Fish Grade: B

Second book is called Reconstructing Clothes for Dummies by Miranda Caroligne Burns

When I first started reading it (yes reading the words) I was LOVING it. She is a great writer, has some good points and is funny. Then I got to the projects.... um..... Have any of you ever seen anybody wear a shirt with the top of pants coming out of it? No. Out of all the projects, there was only one I'd do in there. And I'd be changing a lot too. I was so dissapointed! Here all this clever writing and it's mixed with these projects that I don't see any person ever wearing! Oy!

Fish Grade: D- (It's already back at the library where I got it)

Third book is called Rip IT by Elissa Meyrich. There are very few actual pictures in the book, lots of cartoony pics, but that doesn't really matter. I didn't like ALL the projects, but definitely more than the other two books I just reviewed. Most things in this book are wearable. The instructions made sense, most of the projects are cute, and I actually did one! My skirt!

Fish Grade: A-

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