Saturday, November 22, 2008

Adventures in Advents

So, after seeing My Little Mochi's pocket Advent calendar on one pretty thing, I've been entranced by the idea of getting my kids to stop asking "Is Christmas today?" like my kids do. So I decided to make one of the gum ones for Xander, though mine didn't turn out as cute. (post pic later). For Jules, I found a decorative Christmas tree that I'm sticking 24 dum-dums in. Then last night, while falling asleep, I thought of a genius idea for myself.... An ornament advent! I will make one ornament each day from Dec1-Christmas Eve. No 2 the same. You can bet  I'll be getting most of the ideas from O.P.T. Anyone caring to join me, I'd LOOOOOVE to have you post your pics on my Flickr group! Ones that catch my eye or inspire me will be showcased here on my blog!

Oh, Roger had another cool advent calendar idea- use egg cartons, put a little toy in each spot (you need two), cover with thin tissue paper, write numbers on, tada- something to punch through.

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