Saturday, November 1, 2008

K, so my kids favorite magazine is Oriental Trading
catalogs. I happened to snag a couple before my kids got to them and
got some really cute ideas for this Christmas. I'm too cheap to buy
anything, esp of the cheap nature of much of their stuff, so I marked
things I'd like to make!!

So, if you'll open a new tab and browse with me, you'll see my current favorites

1)- Marshmallow Snowman Sticks

 The scarves are kinda ugly, but here is my thought. I love the square look of them, so I'm thinking homemade Marshmallows (recipe by Alton Brown here).
When you cut them, cut the 3 different sizes, after cooled, stick em on
a kabob skewer, then decorate. How cute would fruit roll-up or Fruit-by
the foot scarves be? Just cut 'em down to size. Then use mini chocolate
chips or frosting for the dots. TA DA. You could even do the
crystallized thing by sprinkling sugar on them!

2) Jelly Kabobs-

Same kind of idea, except instead of marshmallow, use fruit snacks. Handmade (Kristin has a recipe on Reclaiming the Home)
in simple shapes but w/ Christmas colors or just plain store bought. If
you were REALLY craft you could decorate them w/ frosting, but I'm SO
not even going there.

3)Christmas Sheet Cookie Ornaments-

Still not sure where you'd find tiny cookie sheets, I suppose you could
get a thin sheet of metal that I've heard are great for use in magnet
boards. Cut them into small pieces, the handles would probably have to
go. You might even be able to mold the edges, but I don't know since
I've never used the metal.Get teh roll of magnets, cut into teeny tiny
shapes and paint 'em.....

4) Christmas Stocking Ornaments-

HOW cute are those?  Did someone say scrap fabric?

5)Nativity Ornament

Now, if you buy it from OT, it's automatically in a craft kit, but
you're buying 12 of them. So, you know.... Now I don't know where to
get those little wooden people, but one time I made little baby Jesus's
out of scrap cloth and a hot glue'd wooden bed, you could probably do
the same thing for Mary and Joseph & add pipe cleaner hands or felt
hands (mitten hands, perhaps)

6) Gingerbread Houses-

Still undecided about these. I'm thinking my kids really might like this. Me? I'd rather go THIS direction, using instructions I actually found for a Halloween House on O.P.T.  My fav G house, though, is THIS one, but  I've never seen foam that thick

7) Igloo Play set-

Still don't know how I'd work the dolls, but penguins can be amigurumi, as can the igloo itself. Along the same idea, this one might be fun, too, but sewn, not crocheted b/c that would be complicated.

8) Peppermint Pillows-

Again, not much thought put into this yet, but it could be easy and crocheted OR sewn

9) Flowerpot Candles-

Are you in love yet? Hamd Paint, fill w/ wax OR visit the dollar store for votives

I hope you like these ideas!!

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