Friday, January 23, 2009

Lenka!! part 2

So Rachel and I went to the End Zone concert in the morning. It was so fun! She sang "Trouble" and "The Show" and was very pleasant and adorable. While we were there, we entered to win tickets to the concert that night and I won!!


The concert was so superdilly much fun!!!!! The most fun concert I've ever been to and Roger's first concert. It was at Kilby Court, so a tiny venue, but I totally loved it that way. We were SO close to the stage! Rachel and her two sisters, Sarah and Rebecca, came too. I'm so glad! The whole day was  fun. Here are some pics.

This is how close we were!



Isn't my hubby hot?!?!


Speaking of hot- John, the guitarist....

More of Lenka



Anyway- so I had a blast yesterday. Back to real life today!!

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