Saturday, September 1, 2012

I'm late! I'm late!

Here are a couple freebies I made using the two kits Missy made for blog trains.

First one is for the Blog Train Blog. It's called Inspire Me. The kit was crazy adorable. I made a page AND a freebie. Download Missy's kit on her blog here.

My freebie is already formatted as an 8.5x11 JPG, so just right click and save as. Hope you enjoy it. And remember, if you worry about using lots of color ink, check your local newspaper office- chances are they print color copies for cheap!!

Oh, here is the page I did as well.

The next blog train Missy participated in is the STS RoadTrip. I'm bummed I missed the boat this time, but life happens. 2 kids started school. Hubby, did, too, and kid #3 was tested for a different preschool. OH well. Hopefully next month.

The theme for this month was Back To School. Missy's kit is HERE.

 This one is a .png  Again, right click, save as. Originally I wanted to make a full set of these, but alas....

Here is the page I did. Not my favorite, but that might be because her hair in this is driving me CRAZY!

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