Saturday, September 15, 2012

So worth it. And changing it up.

Hey look! This post is not about digiscrapping.  Go figure!!! So- I don't know if any of my readers (do I have regular readers?) remember my holiday thing- where I pick a holiday each year and make/buy decorations all year for it..... Anyway- the first year was Halloween, the next year was Fourth of July, and I've pretty much done horrible at it since. I pulled out the Halloween decor this week (it's only half up) and put away the 4th of July stuff (don't judge) and I was reminded how so very WORTH it this little game of mine is! So instead of sticking to a year, I want to just pick a holiday and have a checklist. Each holiday gets a set amount of things. If I make other stuff besides that, great!!! So here's the list.

Each holiday needs
a wreath (or a door hanger)
a pennant banner
a scentsy or gold canyon warmer
subway art
basket and basket fillers
wall hanging
handmade piece of art by me
something to hang on the doorknob
vase and filler

Time for truth- I lost my tablecloth for Halloween and never did get one for 4th of July. Better work on that. I've also never had a decent basket filler. And I don't have 4th of July subway art printed. I have some waiting on my computer, but that doesn't really count, does it?

In addition to these, I have some fun other stuff. I'll take some pictures tomorrow of the new stuff. Until then, here are old pictures of the old stuff.

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