Saturday, January 19, 2013

Computer issues

Ok, so sorry I have not been posting about kits or pages or my awesome family or ANYthing lately. First, my laptop died. I had kind of expected it, too, so I was sure to have everything backed up. And my hard drive is actually ok. SO, I decided to make due and use the desktop. That was fine and dandy (minus the fact that it is in THE coldest part of the house!!) until the screen died. So, today we ordered a new one. Naturally, today the old one is working just fine, lol!!

Now, on to the scrapping! First, do you wish you could be in a store? Join the STS Designer Darling contest. I SO wish my computer was reliable right now. I've entered the contest before and had SO much fun!!


It’s that time of year again for the Designer Darling Competition! Are you an aspiring designer – do you want to challenge yourself and learn more about designing? Do you want to earn a spot on the Stuff to Scrap team? Click on the flyer below to find out more information & sign up before Monday, February 4th.


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