Monday, March 18, 2013

Some random pages I've put together

I noticed that a lot of my pages are JUST for CT stuff, but believe it or not, I use other things, too!

I like to tell people who are just learning to digiscrap about the joys of Blog Trains!!! Lately, I've found that they are the easiest to use during recipe challenges and speed scraps. Here are a few I've done. I'm including the name of the blog train (or Road Trip, as they are referred to at STS), but not the individual designers. If you'd like to know any specifics, please let me know!!

I did this page for a Facebook Speed Scrap. I used the blog train "Farmer's Market."
Can you believe that cute, tiny little boy is XANDER?!?! He will be 9 in a couple of months! Where has the time gone? When I took these pictures, we lived in a one bedroom apartment in a ghetto part of West Valley City. *Aaah, the memories*

Shoot! I can't remember what challenge this was for.... I remember the page I scraplifted it from.....
The blog train I used was called Inspire Me and it was put on by The Blog Train Blog.... I *think*

This next one was for a "White Space Challenge" over at Scrappin Studios. I used the STS blog train Afternoon Delight from forever and a day ago.

For THIS next page, I used the Royal Wedding blog train. It came out, you know, when the Royal Wedding was.... The page was for a Speed Scrap Challenge. I struggle with monotone colored pictures, so I still haven't decided how much I like this page yet.

On this page, I used the April Showers and Lots of FLowers Road Trip (put on by STS- last April, I think). I used this page for a Scraplift challenge at STS.

STS has a new(er) challenge called the Found On Pinterest Challenge. It's a lot of fun! I was inspired by one of the photos given in the challenge for this page. Can you believe that the cutie pie on this page is the baby on the top page? Me, neither, but it's true!!! I used the Read To Me blog train, also by STS, from a September. Either last Sept or the one before that. 

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