Sunday, May 1, 2016

Double Review

You get a two for one today!!! Juliana will be reviewing a book, Subtle Beauty, an I'll be reviewing my new favorite household item!! Remember, we got these things for free or at a discount in exchange for our honest review.

First, Jules-a-Bean:
I really liked The Subtle Beauty by Ann Hunter because it had twists and turns and you never expected what happens next! It had mystical creatures, princes, princesses, evil daggers, magical men, Kings, queens, and a enchanted man! Think Beauty and the Beast, but mixed up!! Get it here:

Finally- you've been wondering this whole time what item I was talking about, huh?! Well, as a mom who has kids that react to every smell and every color, it's frustrating. Why is it more expensive to buy dye free/ scent free stuff? This makes no sense to me. Then I had the opportunity to review #GoTriNova Castile Soap. HOW have I never heard of this stuff?! It's dye free. It's scent free. It's usable for counters, bathrooms, dishes, even my BABY! And it doesn't cost very much, either! Check it out:

It's super duper concentrated, so a little bit goes a long way. I'll definitely be using this often!

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