Friday, May 27, 2016

Ice, Ice Baby!!!

We all know by now that I love to do reviews. Most of you also know that we homeschool. I've combined the two in my latest adventure. Unfortunately, my review own't be as awesome as it COULD be because I haven't had time to do all the things I have planned.

I have gotten the COOLEST (pun intended) ice cube trays for review.

First up is the Bar Brat. This makes 4 round ice cubes that are SO COOL!!!! Purchase here. #barbratlove

Next up is the SUMPRI. This came with two molds, one for really big cubes and the other for round ones, just like the Bar Brat, except 6 instead of 4. Purchase here. #SUMPRI

We also reviewed these Star Wars molds, but found they were way more fun to use for CHOCOLATE!! Purchase here.

On top of that, I also bought hubby some fun Gun and bullet molds. Purchase here and here

Now, aside from chocolate and ice, what do I plan on DOING with these molds? We're going to have SUCH a fun summer!!!

We are going to PAINT with ice!

We are going to PAINT the ice!

We'll RACE the ice!

We'll RESCUE the guys from ice!

We'll EXCAVATE the ice!!

We'll MAGNATIZE the ice!!

We'll SALT the ice!!

We'll GLOW the ice!

We'll even just PLAY MARBLES with the ice!!

Needless to say, these molds will get used a LOT and we can't wait!!!

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