Saturday, June 18, 2016

Bentonite Clay

I homeschool. I'm kind of granola, but usually more out of convenience than anything. Sometimes, I think some of the things my friends do are a bit on the strange side, but then I watch- and the things they do work!

For the last year, several of my friends kept talking about this stuff called Bentonite Clay. One friend said she used it in toothpaste. Another friend said that she used it in a healing salve. Yet another friend talked about foot detox baths and how amazing they are, but how gross the water gets when all those toxins leave your body. I was a bit skeptical, but realized that all these ladies were the kind of people I wanted to be like. Clearly, they were doing SOMEthing right.

So when the opportunity came up to review some of this "Magic Clay," I jumped at the chance. 

Here is the clay I received:

While waiting for it, I asked my friends about what they do with THEIR clay. Answers included
Face Mask
Added to Deodorant
Drinking it as a Detox (disclaimer, this brand says external use only)
Bee Stings
Bug Bites
Abnormal Skin Spots
Detox Bath
Black Ointment

Now, I did try it the foot detox that I found a recipe for on Pinterest, but I don't think I did it right. I know my water wasn't hot enough and I'm not sure I had my ratios right. I'm going to try it again eventually.

In the meantime, here are some other pins I'd like to try:
Toothpaste- now, I've tried one homemade toothpaste that used clay, but it wasn't my favorite combination of ingredients. I'm willing to try again, though, starting with some of these recipes.

Dry Shampoo- I LOVE Dry shampoo, but I hate that it is SO WHITE and I have dark hair. So I'm excited to try THIS VERSION

Makeup- I adore makeup, but it upsets me a little that FDA pretty much has no regulations on what people can put, so I'm starting to use it less. This makes me sad because putting on makeup is like an art project to me.

Deodorant Bars- this makes me curious. 

Sinus Relief Bath Bombs- though there are several versions of these I'd like to try, this is the one that calls for Bentonite Clay. Side note- do NOT use Eucalyptus for kids under 10!

For my husband, I'd kind of like to make these Shaving Soaps for him. He wears a beard about half the year, but the other half, he's going to want nice skin, right?!

This is the Foot Detox bath I told you about. I totally bombed it, but pretty sure the error was on my end. I'd like to try again.

I asked on a Facebook group what these ladies do with theirs, and I'm getting a LOT of answers saying
Face Mask
Wound Healing
Drinking for Stomach Issues
Food Poisoning
Tooth Powder
Skin Infections
Bee Stings
Skin Injuries
I'm betting most make a poultice like this one. 

I'm going to make a video explaining what I DO with this stuff in just a few. I'll post the link when I've got it!

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