Friday, January 25, 2008

Thank You

Today we're doing themed thank you kits

Thanks a Million:

Thanks a Bunch:
  • clothespin flowers- paint a clothespin and add felt flowers and a magnet like this
  • Felt Flowers- add magnets or pins to make the flower versatile
  • Pressed Flower stationary
  • Seeds
  • Paper bouquet like this one with tissue paper, this one with cardstock, this one with duct tape, or this one with fabric
  • Oragami flowers
  • Flower Pens- Get an artificial flower, and trim the stem down to fit on the pen body. hold it against the pen. wrap both in floral tape. *tip* sometimes WalMart will have bags of all their loose artificial flowers for UBER cheap, like by their scrap fabrics under the cutting table
  • Things to buy: stickers, seeds, flowerpot, gardening tools

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