Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Neighbor Gifts

Ok, all! I *think* I know what I'm doing for my neigbhor gifts. It's not going to cost me anything and it's CRAZY cute. I can't post it here, though, because it would spoil the surprise for some of the recepients!

So I want to know what awesome (and cheap) neighbor gift ideas YOU have seen!!!

Here are a few I'm diggin:
1. Handmade Ornaments
2. Homemade Candy (ESP truffles or caramel/chocolate dipped pretzels. OH YEAH!)
3. If you're a good cook, how about all your most requested recipes? Or a mix set of seasonings you use?
4. Flavored Salt- saw this once online somewhere and kinda fell in love with the idea
5. Mixes are alway fun! You know, hot chocolate in a jar, that type of mix.
6. Garland!!! Chains if you have little kids that want to help or cute felt ones. Think how cute a row of Holly leaves would be?!?!
7. A set of cloth napkins with rings. Think of the possibilities! You can get napkins from the dollar store or make your own. And the rings could be anything from sewn, to metal, to pipe cleaners!!
8. Personalized Note Cards and envelopes. This can be done digitally or in classic scrapbooking fashion. Tricia-Rennea has some stunning ways to get you started! Click her button on the left!!
9.Magnets. To be honest with you, I hope EVERY year for magnets!!!! There are so many ways to make 'em unique! Glass Marbles, Bottlecaps, clippies, sky's the limit!
10. Coasters!! I love them, but I'll never make them for myself!!!

So, what are YOU doing?

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