Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Whoo are you- Christmas Edition

Hurry up and go to Night Owl Crafting to get your questions, then visit everyone's links and leave a comment! Some of us depend on the comments to make our week go more smoothly. What?  That's just me? Oh well, then....
1. Do you like to listen to Christmas music?
Yes, though today listening to my kids sing "I'm gettin nothin for Christmas" makes me wonder if they have gotten any ideas....
2. Are you one of those people who get all their shopping done early,
or do you do most of it in December?
Little bit of both. I try to do most of it in October, but love getting the big stuff Black Friday.
3. Do you set a budget on how much you spend on each person?
Not a strict one.Santa averages $30 per kid.
4. Do you send out Christmas cards?
5. Do you enjoy this holiday season or does it stress you out?
This year, both. I love Christmas, but I am SO sick with this pregnancy!


  1. I am so sorry to hear that you are so sick! On the other hand I am so excited that these comments make your week! I hope your sickness goes away very soon! Have a fabulous week and thanks for linking up to Hoo are you!

  2. Thanks Robyn, It's hard to keep things even, my kids are so different in ages and everything gets so much more expensive as they get older, hence the need to have the same amount. Hope your holiday goes well.

  3. :-) Congrats on the pregnancy.. hope ya feel better!!! :) you can check me out at www.trashybetty.blogspot.com :)

  4. wow... I am happy to hear that you are pregnant. Congrats!

  5. When are you due? Well hopefully you feel better soon and have a wonderful pregnancy!

    Ruthie @ Tattered Bliss

  6. I think I'm due around July 19thish. I don't have an actual due date just yet.

  7. I hope you're feeling better and hope your body is on the same program as you are. I was sent to bed ("rest") with my 2nd and I lasted 2 days. Can't keep the active ones down!
    My 4 kiddies are adults now (when did that happen? I'm only 20!) and we (read DH'accountant') sets an amount that we technically stick to. Well, he does anyways, I love finding little things for them.
    Take care and see the blessing in having to slow down! (getting your projects completed?)


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