Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fun weekend!!- part 1

Last week we went camping with the Happy House crew. What's a happy house crew, you ask? The Happy House was a house in Ephraim that was old and crazy. A bunch of awesome boys lived there (I'm a little biased since Roger lived there). Unfortunately, the Happy House is gone now. It has been gone for a while now, but I didn't face the fact until Saturday when we drove by. ANYWAY- so a Happy House boy is one who lived there. The rest of us, you could call us groupies, but we prefer the term crew. :D Seriously, these boys were so cool that there were plenty of us who hung out there a ton, even if we didn't marry one of the residents. :D

We decided to camp in Green River- I had no idea HOW tiny and podunk Green River was until we tried to find swimsuits (Am I right, Heather?!). The KOA we stayed at was super nice (and had a yummy free breakfast).

 Just because of this picture, I really, REALLY wish I was creative enough for some funny captions.

Next post- Goblin Valley

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