Monday, September 5, 2011

I Spy Date

So, if you know me personally, you've heard me talk about The Dating Divas. Because let's face it, it is an AMAZING site that I love and adore and am SUPER grateful for. This may come as a news flash, but Roger and I do not have a money tree in our backyard. I know, I know!! Due to lack of funds, we don't get out on dates much. I mean, a couple people have offered to watch the kids, but I hate to dry up all my resources too quickly.

I did a pretty awesome photo shoot the other day for this adorable girl named Kayti. This was my favorite photo shoot to date. Why? You ask- Here's why:

I know, this is the picture I'm most proud of, I think!!
Anyway- Kayti offered to babysit in exchange for the photoshoot and since I trust her (she's a good girl!) and needed a night out and would NEVER be able to afford $2/hr per kid for 3 kids for 3 hours.... I took her up on it!

I found this cute I SPY date on Dating Divas and decided to use the idea and kind of switch it around a bit. So here's my version!!!

First, we went up the canyon. I kind of forgot that it was Labor Day weekend, so we struggled a bit to find a spot, but finally found one that was just big enough for our van, so we didn't feel too bad. We backed in, popped the trunk, rolled down the windows and layed out blankets in the back of the van to chill out on. (Interesting side note, a few people wandered around a ditch behind us and stared at us like we were deer. Hello! Nothing happening here, fully clothed- door open)

 Yeah, see, back there by the trees, that's where people stood and looked in like, "oooh, do we get to see some stuff?" Sorry to disappoint, pervs!

Ok, so the first thing Roger got was this I Spy bottle I made with rice. I put one each of the candies I'd picked out for the night and included the following lame riddle poem. Yes, that is my official name for all of these. Riddle Poems. Love it, please?

"For treats we can eat (you know they're all sweet)
You have to guess what they are to be the true star.
I'll give you a hint... It's not Rupert Grint :D
1) There's more than enough of the first tasty candy (Good & Plenty)
2)Beware the red herring- tries to get you all sandy (Swedish Fish)
3)There are 2 ways that Blonde lost her job* (M&M's- peanut and peanut butter)
4)And enough of these little guys could please any mob (Jelly Belly)
5) The last one is tiny- and tricky to boot (Tic Tac)
You must guess them all to partake of the loot."
So, yeah. I made him find each of the candies in the I Spy thing and guess what they are according to the clues. As he guessed them, I brought them out of the bag to snack on.
Then it was time to get to the good stuff!! Each package had a Riddle Poem attached to it that he had to read before opening.

 The first one said:
Selfish, I know! But I couldn't resist!
The chance for my obession to persist.
Today we'll be using together the things that are on sale.
Cheesy enough, we could use as blackmail.
Get creative! For writing you'll do!
Don't worry, love. I will, too.
It was a notebook and a pen, so we could write in secret code to each other. We worked together to come up with said code, then took turns writing notes throughout the date.

I don't have pics of the rest of the night because I decided to focus on enjoying time with my hubby, but here is the rest of the date... in WORDS!
Second Riddle Poem:

Are you up for a challenge is NOT what she said.
But challenge you'll get (just not in bed).
We'll take a close look at this special book
Just don't think it'll teach you to cook!
Winner takes all- too bad I'm broke!
Shut up, and just laugh at my joke!!!

That was a collection of my kids' I Spy books. We had contests to see who could find the most objects in a certain amount of time (1 & 2 minutes)

Third Riddle Poem:
What's our favorite thing to do as of late?
Fills you with fury, pride, laughter, and occasionally hate?
I have two here we never have played.
But they look like fun, which is why they were made!

That was a package including 2 new games. One was called In A Pickle (which we still haven't played) and the other was the Pictureka card came. I figured regular Pictureka was an I Spy game, so it was appropriate.

Instead of playing the new games right then, I had Roger open Riddle Poem #4:
While we are playing, we best not forget
There's always more fun when our mouths are wet. 
I know it isn't blue or yellow
But this red drink won't make you bellow.
Enjoy it now, just share it with me.
The happiest I Spiers we'll be!

You know how things don't always go according to plan? This was one of those things. First off, we were dying of thirst FAR before we got to opening the soda. Plus, I'd planned the date at 4:00 PM. Smooth move, pregnant hungry lady!! Between the thirst, the hunger, and the language of others in the canyon, we decided to stray from the plan and go get dinner. We had a blast trying to figure out the last 5 minutes of the BYU game while getting our food (WE WON!). Once we had eaten, we went next door to the park and THEN played our new game. We really had a lot of fun- and on a very limited budget!!!

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  1. Such a cute date! Roger is much nicer than Spencer, he would probably make fun of me.


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