Monday, September 26, 2011

Well that was fun...

So you know how sometimes you have your plans all laid out in front of you and then something just doesn't work? Yeah.....

My plan for Sunday (yesterday) was to go to church, come home, throw a pot roast in the crockpot, take a nap, play games with my kids.... pretty much just take it easy. Turns out NONE of that happened!!

I woke up around 7. I had been lying on my left side and had a little bit of a kink in my back on the right side. I figured I had just slept wrong, so I rolled over. The pain shot out and hurt that whole side from my armpit down to my waist. So I sat up. It kind of went away and I was left befuddled. Was it all in my head? Was it something serious? Was it nothing at all? I sat there for a minute and then it happened again, so when the hubster woke up I told him about it. It was not the worst thing ever, but still pretty painful, but not constant. I knew they weren't labor pains or braxton hicks. I couldn't pinpoint where the pain was coming from or even if it was inside or outside.

So, I called my doula. She said it sounded like it could be a UTI, a kidney stone, or appendicitis. I had Roger call our neighbor to ask if he could come help give me a blessing (more on priesthood blessings here). I was hurting so badly that I couldn't even remember what was said. We missed church the last week, so I asked our friend if my oldest could go to church with their family. He agreed. I then called another friend and asked if she'd take one of my other two kids. She agreed to take them both and even came over to get them. When she saw me, she told me I needed to call our OTHER friend because that friend had had BOTH kidney stones AND appendicitis while pregnant before (can you imagine?!?!). So I called Vanessa and I was totally rude. I didn't even say hi. Just "How do you tell the difference between..." anyway... she described them personally and I decided we definitely needed to go to the emergency room NOW.

We went in, they sent me straight to the women's center (which is GORGEOUS by the way!) because I was over 20 weeks pregnant. I'm so glad they did. They got me in, took a sample, asked a million questions, etc. By that time I couldn't even move. I hurt SO badly. Like- worst pain ever!! Eventually, they got the lab work back and decided it was kidney stones. So they gave me a little bit of morphine. It helped for like, 30 seconds. I was hurting so badly that I was throwing up. Apparently the morphine can cause nausea. Yeah, this had nothing to do with meds and everything to do with pain. BUT they gave me zofran for the nausea- which knocked me out cold, thank goodness. I was able to sleep between death pains. Apparently they had me do a CT scan, although I don't remember much of that. Turns out the stone was too big to pass but had already blocked my ureter. Hence the pain of all pains. Normally at this point, they'd shoot noise waves at your tummy to break up the stone so you can pass them. They can't do that when there's a baby in there.

So they decided to surgery. Now, when I think surgery, I think relief. Because it means blackness and no pain for at least a little while. Not when you're pregnant!! They put lidocane on my back and gave me a tiny bit of pain killers (because of all the morphine I'd had throughout the day). Then they poked a hole in my back and through whatever tissues and stuff till they got to my kidney. They put a tube in to drain it and now I have this fancy shmancy pee bag to carry around. Joy. It's AMAZING how much better I felt once my kidney wasn't trying to kill me.

I stayed overnight (not that I got much sleep) and until lunch today. My mom stayed the night last night and is staying again tonight. I don't know what I'd do without her. And my friends have banded together and shown so much support. I have meals for DAYS coming in, plus the offer of more if I need. I am seriously SO blessed. And I wouldn't wish this on anyone. :D


  1. Robyn, I'm sorry you're stuck feeling like crap, but you sure have a vivid and funny way of describing even the most horrendous things! Like having a pee bag! At least it isn't a colostomy bag, though...

    I hope you feel better, and I wish I could lend more support than just words. :D

  2. Ikes! What a difference a day can make. Sometimes we forget how fast life can change. Hope you're feeling better now. Nancy

  3. hey doll. Sorry I've been so out of it. We had to give the talk in Sacrament on Sunday and didn't get asked 'til Thursday so it was cram studying time...LoL. Sorry to hear about your painful experience. I'm so glad your family & friends are there for you. I'd be there in a heartbeat if I could, but being 1000 miles away doesn't help things.

    So, now you can tell my husband which is worse, a kidney stone or giving birth...what's your opinion...Love ya tons, Andi


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