Sunday, February 5, 2012

First February Pinfest

So, I have noticed that I go through phases in my crafting. I try sewing for a while, then reading, then art journaling, etc....

Right now I'm into art journaling!

For example, here are the pins:

Those two pins equaled these two art journal pages. (I have a full sized journal and a mini one as well)

Then I found these inspirations:

and mine came out like this (I like the big page MUCH better than the small one which ended up being far too Halloweeny)

Then there was this GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS room- that I want SO badly!! But, of course, will never have.
 Isn't that SWOONworthy?
Here is the closest I will ever get (I like the small page better, too)

 Well- I like the peacock on the big page better, but the colors are brighter on the small page.

I did do one sewing thing, though, Paisley needed a hairband! Then I remembered this
but I'm too cheap to go buy jersey, so I went to the dollar store, bought a pair of tights, and made this:
Cute, eh?!

Last, but not least, I read this:
The story was really good, but I think the f word was in there between 40-50 times. Which is far, FAR too much for me.

Have another pin happy week. Here is one more set of Art Journal pages, but I didn't have pins to inspire, just a friend, Jeanette. These are her favorite colors.

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