Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pin Week 3!

I think this is the most regular I've ever had blog posts, lol!!

Not a whole lot of crafting this week. I did the hairstyle from last week again. It looked even better this time. This is the back:

On top of the fun hairstyle, I decided to try a makeup tip I had saved!

Before I show you mine, I will remind you that my eyes are not perfectly almond shaped. I also was too cold to go outside and get the GOOD mascara......

So, cute hair, pretty makeup.... makes a girl feel good about herself. So good that she gets a little camera happy!

I spent far too much time reading this week. What did I read? These:
Now what I thought about them: They were fascinating, a super easy to stay hooked book. However, I'm not sure I'd say that I liked them. They were very gory....

Anyway, one last thing. I've had a very specific goal this week. One that I have tried a couple times before but given up quickly. But when I saw this quote on Pinterest.....
and it very much hit me. I knew that I needed to stop yelling BIG time. So I've tried really hard. Happy to report, I think I only yelled like 3 times ALL week. I've felt so much better about our family this week. And I've felt closer to my kids. I mean, who doesn't want a better life with the COOLEST kids on the planet!!

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