Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pinterest Projects!!!

Ok, I told you my goal was to do at least 1 thing from Pinterest each week. This week, I did FOUR! Unfortunately, I only have pics of 2 of them.

First pin of the week: A calendar art journal page. This page is done by The Kathryn Wheel. SERIOUSLY amazing stuff. I've always loved her calendar pages and have been meaning to try them forever. I mean, how gorgeous is her page?
 Aaaand here is my page. Not my favorite. I used paint chips for the squares. The only part I genuinely like is that stamp on the right side at the top. Other than that.... much prettier in my head.

The second pin is a recipe! I finally made the GREEN MONSTER SMOOTHIE
I don't have a picture of the one I made. I can tell you this- it was NOT nearly this pretty!! And the one I made using that recipe did NOT turn out well. Mostly because I didn't use the right kind of Greek Yogurt. I used original instead of vanilla. Bad idea. (On a side note, I also bought a strawberry Greek yogurt. I'm not a fan of Greek yogurt.) The other thing I didn't do straight from the recipe was that I used Lactose free milk instead of Almond milk. That would have been MUCH better. Things turned up once I added orange juice and raspberries, though! I made another version of the green smoothie today. Now I think I can dig this!!

Third pin of the week:

These were SO yummy. I wish I'd had the stuff on hand to make the cheese sauce she also has a recipe for, but I'm grateful to have had what I needed for these. Actual REGULAR ingredients! YAY! And, I kind of liked them better on the second day.

And last, but not least, I also did THIS this week:
Now, I didn't use the sticks, I had Juliana find objects around the house in these colors. Problem was, I wasn't even done getting the papers on the tubes before Vaughn started playing the game. Little stinker. I did get another idea here, though. Vaughn struggles with counting, so I rounded up 60 regular Popsicle sticks and put puff paint dots on each of them (ranging in 1-10) in each of the 6 colors. Hard to explain. I'll post pics of that later.

So, what did you do?! Link back to your blog!!

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