Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another Pin-happy week!!!

I feel like I have done more in the last 5 weeks than I did the ENTIRE time I was pregnant!!

Let's get started!
2 of my kids got their first library cards this week!! I want them to keep their books safe (since library books seem to go missing in my care), so I decided to make them bags. Mine are not NEARLY as cute as this, but part of that was lack of cute fabric. Here are my pics:

I also tried two new recipes:

SUPER duper yummy!! I didn't have marshmallows, and it was STILL yummy! Will definitely be doing this again!

Since starting Pinterest, I've been DYING to try this:
the flavor was super yummy. there was only ONE problem with it and that was on MY end. I didn't get my garbanzo beans QUITE fine enough. Next time (because there WILL be a next time) I'm going to put them in my Magic Bullet to make sure the texture is finer.

Yeah, sorry that I didn't take pics of my food ones. I forget until they are half eaten!

NEXT! Hairstyles! This morning I wanted something besides a pony, a poof, or braided headband. So I looked on my style board and found this:
Totally adorable, right? I wish I could figure out how to do the bun part. Before you see my picture, please note that this pic was taken in HORRIBLE light and after I took the bun that I did out. It was up high and really cute!

All right, finally!! My favoritist thing from Pinterest that I have done YET. Mostly because I love mine more than the inspiration. Although I will admit, that I'm not 100% done with all of them.

Here is the inspiration:
After seeing this, I went and got a whole bunch of pink and red paint swatch strips from WalMart (Home Depot didn't have the strips). Each strip had 7 colors on them, so I cut them into chunks of 3. But me, being me, couldn't just do this. I decided they were each going to become bookmarks. And then I couldn't just stamp, I had to emboss. THEN, I decided we needed a heart punch. And ribbon. And a note on the back. So I got this:
TADA!!! Enough for both of my kids' classes. And I am not done. I was hoping to finish tonight, but my baby has been so fussy that this post has taken around 3 hours to write.

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  1. You are superwoman! I especially liked the hair-do. I'm amazed that you have found the time to do so many creative things!

    Tomorrow I'm going to go take a load of paint swatches!


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