Thursday, July 7, 2016

Prepping for our Trip

Hey friends!! So I wanted to tell you about our TRIP we are planning!!

I have 5 kids, so vacationing is not something we do often. As a matter of fact, last time we went on Vaca, I only had 3 kids!

Thanks to Pinterest, Google, Bullet Journaling, and my friends on FB, we have a plan!!

I'm not going to tell you the dates, but I will tell you the plan!

First I want to tell you about my Vacation Bullet Journal. This thing is fantastic! I love the way bullet journals are set up. Actually, to be honest, I don't know if this could technically even be CALLED a bullet journal because I've taken so many liberties with it, lol.

It's set up like this:

  • Table of Contents
  • List of Places that are Options
  • Official Itinerary (this is still blank)
  • Miles between places
  • What we need
  • What we own
  • What we are borrowing
  • Things to do in each place
  • Addresses of all KOAs, nearby WalMarts & Dollar Stores
  • Finance Planning Page
  • Things to do while camping
  • Recipes
  • Food to take
  • Food Prep
  • Food Shopping List for Along the Way
I know that without pictures it's not so fancy, but trust me, this isn't a cute bullet journal. Most things are written so quickly that I'm the only one who can read it anyway.

Right now, we are focusing on prep. One thing I LOVE about reviewing is that I have been able to get a lot of the things we'll need on our trip for cheap or even free. Not everything, mind you, but a good chunk. So far:
  • A Sleeping Bag
  • 3 Backseat Car Organizers
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Roasting Sticks
  • Car Mirrors
  • Cast Iron Conditioner
  • Watermelon Slicer 
  • LED light
  • Mosquito Repellent 
  • Bento Boxes
Right?! Like, how blessed am I?

With this trip, we will be on the road for several hours at a time, several days. We are going to Zion National Park, Grand Canyon, and Mesa Verde. One thing I was worried about was space and entertainment. Although we have a DVD player in the Yukon, I did not want to rely on that or have it on for more hours than I'd normally allow at home (generally one movie's worth a day- tops). I plan on making several busy bags, grab bags, and packets of activities. During our vacation, the kids will have chances to earn Vacation Bucks. (feel free to right click and Save As to use them yourself!)

Kids will cash in Vacation Bucks for souvenirs, toys in the car, grab bags, and privileges (like going first, picking which book we listen to, etc). They can also use them for Busy Bags or other activities when we are at our campground. They can EARN them also by doing educational things. I'll have worksheets and activities that have to do with the places we are seeing. 

In the car, we plan on being organized. I don't know if you noticed that I said I'd received 3 BackSeat Organizers? Well yes! And I'm going to tell you about the last one we got because it it (so far, at least) our favorite!! It's by a brand called Tour Strong. Here's a shot of their Amazon Listing.

You can purchase it HERE and I recommend it for sure. That bottom pocket even has velcro on the back so you can take it with you if you'd like. Vaughn is super stoked to have this in front of his seat. There is room for several of his stuffed animals, crayons, coloring books, reading books, toys, and snacks. I wish I could express to you how much stress this relieves. It'll be so nice to have him and his brother not fighting over every tiny thing "THAT's MINE!"

Here are the listings for the other two, but like I said, we do like the #TourStrong  one the best!

All 3 of those were for free or at a discount for my review.

Anyway, back to Trip Planning!

Aside from getting our car organized and having games, activities, and adventures planned, here is my Pinboard that has a lot of the busy bags I'd like to make. Most of them will be geared towards Paisley and Abraham. 

I also have a Pinboard just about our vacation. This is where I'm getting a lot of my ideas and inspirations for what to take and what to do while there. You'll see that not all the pins are about Grand Canyon, Zion, and Mesa Verde- that's because that was not our Plan A. It wasn't our Plan B, either, but MAN, we're excited that it's the one we're doing!!

Last, but not least, we're also going to be camping the whole time. Sounds fun and exciting, right? Well, if you look at my Pinboard for Camping, you'll notice something.... we are BRAND NEW at this. I'm a little bit terrified and a lot-tle bit excited. This will be a GRAND adventure for our family and I can't wait!!

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