Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Ok, my batteries are charged. I have pics of all 3 ornaments. I am going to put them in date order, which, ironically, is the order I like them in!

This one, the idea was good; hang a nail on your tree to remind you of Christ, but the pulling it off, not so much!

The next, was supposed to look like ribbon candy. Why, oh why, then, didn't I think of using.... RIBBON!?!?! I used paper. Paper, pipe cleaner, beads, and a hole punch
Dec 9

Last, but CERTAINLY not least, is my "ornament wreath ornament." I LOOOOOVE ornament wreaths. I will have one one of these years, I promise!!! For tonights, I did it in mini. I took a round, broken piece of jewelry that I had in a stash of "this looks promising" and hot glued some beads from a broken bracelet of Juliana's, added in a few pearls, and vwalah!

You'd never know I was a photographer by my pics. Apparently I still have yet to master macro and super macro mode, lol. At least you get the general idea.

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