Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dec 2

I made two ornaments. One of them, I didn't bother to measure, so it turned out like crap.

So...... I found this one at Geekware and LOVED it. My dad gave me a whole thing full of disks today, so I get to play!!

Also, yesterday I started an advent calendar for Roger. It looks pretty on my wall. I first saw the idea on One Pretty Thing, which had a link to print the numbers from Design*Sponge/d.Sharp Journal, then put them on envelopes (thanks Sarah!). I was originally going to use paper clips and tie a ribbon on the paper clips, but, naturally couldn't find my box of paper clips and was in a time crunch. JUST after I finished punching all the holes.... I found 'em.


On a very random note, because I'm browsing websites, blogs, and all manner of coolness while I'm writing this, I saw THIS at d.Sharp Journal and thought.... HMMMM... What happens if I tape together wrapping paper scraps? Might be kinda cute, eh?

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