Saturday, July 4, 2009

A New Adventure

So, I've been thinking for some time that I'd like to help my family out financially. I knew getting a job wasn't an option. I didn't want to pay for daycare, didn't have a 9-5 stamina, didn't graduate college, very little previous job experience. SO- I had kinda looked into direct sales, but I was pretty leery of most of them. Then, however, I found it!!! I found something I love that doesn't put pressure on everyone at the party, that is fun to be around, that helps me feel good about myself. I hadn't even thought of selling it at first, but after my party, someone off-handledly said that I'd be good at it, then when the party was over, I found that 3 people at the party had written my name in a form asking "Who do you think would be good at this?". It was just the boost I needed. I've done my research, talked to a LOT of people, weighed the pros and cons (and to be honest, there were only 2 cons on my list) and decided that I am going to become a Lia Sophia advisor.

Lia Sophia is jewelry. One of my favorite things about it (besides the fact that is drool-worthy) is that it has a lifetime guarantee, so if my kids break it, I can get it replaced. I also like all the hostess benefits and the way that they help their consultants (earning free jewelry so you don't have to pour your entire paycheck right back into it). I also like the stress-free feel of the parties, they really are just plain fun!

Well, I buy my kit on Monday. I'm so excited. If any of you feel like ordering and contributing to my starter kit, there is an awesome sale going on right now. Buy one item at full price and get two at half price. The best part? The full price item gets to be your least expensive item and the half priced ones are the more expensive ones. Isn't that cool? And it all helps me get my business started. It doesn't matter what state you're in, the jewelry can be shipped. Shipping is $3.80 regardless of where you are.

Curious, now? Here is a peek at the catalog  If you find you're interested in some, just leave a little not here on my comments and I'll e-mail you directly. My show closes at 10AM on Monday, so act fast. You don't know how much I'd appreciate your orders!!!

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