Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Something crafty

Maybe. It's supposed to be a craft blog, but I've sucked pretty bad at actually putting crafty stuff on here. I know! Maybe I'll feature some things from my Flickr Group that I love and that have inspired me. Yes, be prepared for Halloween Goodness!!!

Now- before you see it, I want you to know that I did NOT just stalk the same people's stuff. I went through my flickr group and grabbed things that popped out to me. Half of them just *happen* to be the same person. I promise!

1. Orange Pumpkin Feltie, 2. Halloween Surprise Slide Box - Inside, 3. Skeleton Gent, 4. fright night, 5. Halloween plaque 3 - bat, 6. Cabinet door - Halloween, 7. elephant night light, 8. Handpainted Softballs - set2, side4, 9. Horror Manor left Side, 10. Group of Trick-or-Treaters, 11. Halloween Crochet Scrubbers, 12. Halloween Gift Tags, 13. Set 3 - Double Sided Halloween & Christmas Necklaces, 14. Pumpkin treat bag of candy, 15. Emma and Maud with jack-o-lantern fabrics, 16. Spooky!, 17. halloween banner - craft 365 - day 304, 18. Halloween Sign handpainted, 19. Smiley Pumpkin Door - Wall Decor, 20. halloween clothespins

Alright, now I picked these for lots of reasons, let's explore them one by one.
1. How adorable is he?! He scares me a little bit though, because I've never actually SEWN anything felted before.
2. I don't know where I'd put something like that, but I LOVE the idea of scenes in the matchbox.
3. He's just too cute. Plus she's got a tut on her blog!
4. Fantastic piece of embroidery- cross-stitch, I believe. I'm working on an embroidery piece right now. Just have to figure out how to put it on something to make it into a pillow or mini quilt or something.
5. I swoon for this! I think it is so adorable! I actually asked my freecycle group if anybody had any cabinet doors just so I can paint Halloween stuff on them. Nowhere near this talent, mind you, but definitely inspired by it.
6. Same as #5
7. Ok, so I know this picture isn't Halloweeny, but think of how cool it would be to have Halloween lamp shades! I saw some on Martha or somewhere last year. You just cut out stuff from black paper and secure it to your existing lampshade and voila! shadows!
8. These are painted baseballs, which I probably won't use because i don't have any baseballs, but i'm thinking..... I may have more pumpkins from my garden that I know what to do with! We can carve a couple and paint the rest!
9. I think this is supposed to be a TP roll. I'm thinking of having it be a little playhouse w/ little goasties and bats and other Halloween personalities inside. Like finger puppets or something! Hmm... mixed media? Felt + Crochet?
10. I have nothing else to say about these. They're cute!
11. Scrubbies! I did make myself ONE Halloween dishcloth last year, but this year, I want more MORE MORE!!!
12. Bookmarks- I did these last year (not THOSE ones, but bookmarks) and put them on cards. It was so fun to send them out!
13.  These are necklaces, but I love the idea of holiday jewelry. I am thinking more along the lines of using scrapbook paper to do some scrabble tile pendants....
14.  All I can say about this lady is that there should be a limit on the amount of crochet talent a person can have. She has INCREDIBLE patterns and I want them all! I have two of them and I'm afriad to try them. I want my stuff to look as great as hers!
15. Again, adorable, but they scare me to pieces since they require sewing....
16. Banners- so cute, huh? I made one already, but I love these!
17. Another banner- I'm thinking of doing a mini one (or mini ones) for a few of the doorways in our house.
18. Remember what I said about craftyanna having all the crochet talent in the world? Yeah, I feel the same way about painting talent with Goody Goody Gumdrops- INCREDIBLE!!! This made me think of tile. I may do some vinyl....
19. I'm not sure how she made this, but I think it's adorable!
20. Everyday items- Halloweenized. Love it, love it, love it!!!!

Now that all of this is done, I went to Goody Goody Gumdrops blog again and she added..... wait for it, wait for it.... HALLOWEEN CUPCAKE PAINTINGS!!!! So stinkin cute. That's something I"m tempted to purchase.... wonder if DH loves me that much ;)

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