Thursday, July 2, 2009

So tired of this discussion!!!!

So, when Xander went to have his kindergarten assessment, they gave him a workbook and told him that if he finishes it, that he'll be invited to a pizza party at the beginning of school. He was so excited for it! He came home and did the first page and then was bored with it. Every day since, we have had a variation of the following conversation:

Xander: Mom, can I watch TV?
Me: You need to do your homework
X: I don't want to do my homework
M: Why not?
X: It's boring
M: You don't get to go to your pizza party if you don't do your homework
X: I'll just go to my pizza party. I don't want to do my homework.
M: You say that now, but you'll be sad on the day of. They won't let you go if your book isn't done.

about 15 minutes pass and then I hear this

X: Mom, can I watch TV?
M: Is your homework done?
X: No! I don't want to do my homework! I want to watch TV!
M: You can watch TV when your homework is done.
X: I'm gonna watch TV anyway and not do homework
M: Then you'll go to your room and be grounded from the TV for the rest of the day

Then he goes and does something else and we start 100% over an hour later. This happens. Every. Day. Of. The. Week.

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