Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Finish It

I hope everyone had a great week!! What did you finish in the crafty department? I finished a couple things:

I painted 3 frames
 I also made the art inside the white frame, but to be honest with you, it's not my favorite. So I printed the Orange Salt Lake Temple print that I posted a few days ago and I'll be putting it in the white frame instead.
 The pink one looks pretty awesome, too. I also printed one of the Subway Art pieces that I offered on my facebook page. It'll go in the pink frame.
The teal frame- isn't actually for me. It's for my awesome cousin Candace who rocks. The hearts are available at this totally awesome site I found out about called WhoopdWhoop- it's handmade stuff for trading! If you're interested in joining, leave your e-mail addy in teh comments so I can refer you and get the referral points. ;)
I also made a few other Valentine's Day crafts:
 This heart is made by hot gluing coffee filters to a piece of foamboard. Granted, I hand painted the edges of 50 coffee filters to do it, but rumor has it you can soak them food coloring if you want....
These are my heart garlands. Cardboard hearts with fabric hot glued onto them, then hot glued onto a piece of ribbon. One for me and one for my friend Andi at Hot Pink Pansy

I did make one more thing this week- a recycled project, actually. At church on Sunday, my kids take these pads of paper (thanks Bobbi!) that are just promotional, you know. But Vaughn goes through the paper like CRAZY! He thinks it's so funny to tear them off. But it makes me sick to just throw away 20 pages every week, so for at least one week, I kept em. THen I folded them in half so the empty backs were showing, grabbed a scrap paper and a hot glue gun, threw on a few rub-ons, and made m'self a "Love Notes" book for hubby and I  to pass little notes to each other (meaning, I wrote him once and he's had it since)

What did YOU finish this week?
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  1. Hey Robyn, I love your love notes book, it is so cute! If I had one of these, I wouldn't get it back either.....hope u don't mind if I linked up 2 projects to your linky party!

  2. p.s. do you have a party button? I didn't see one

  3. I did it!!! I finished something AND I put up a link! I'm so proud of myself!

  4. Christine, I don't have a party button yet, but I'll make one soon!! :D Thanks so much for linkin up, guys!


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