Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

So, most years we don't celebrate V-day till the day after. Everything's 50% off! Babysitters are more available (not that we've ever actually had a babysitter for a V-day date......) but this morning I was reading on my Facebook and saw The Dating Divas' post about a last minute date and decided- what the heck? Why not? Sooo..... I got laundry all put away and started planning!

First, we drew names. Each person in the family drew a name of another and we decided to buy gifts for each other! So once school was out, we headed to the store! We split up so Daddy and Juliana went on a hunt for gifts for Xander and Vaughn and Mommy stuck with the boys to get the rest of the gifts. I also picked up a few extras in my cart.

Then we came home and made dinner!! What, you ask,  did I make?! Well, I took the idea RIGHT off of the Dating Divas link that I posted before and made Heart Shaped Hamburgers!!

I bought the cute little plastic goblets at the dollar store in 2 packs. I bought the glass ones there, too, but they're not adorable like the others!
After we ate, we opened our presents. Xander got Daddy some new pens:
 Vaughn got Juliana a new necklace:
 Mommy got herself some cute new socks (a 3 pack!)
 Daddy got Vaughn a bubble gun
 Juliana got Xander some cool colored bubbles

After all that, we played Picktureka. Then we said prayers and Daddy got the kids to bed while I went downstairs and got stuff ready for our part of the date. I won't go into any detail, but it was the first time in the 7 1/2 years we've been married that we've used candelight. Also, we watched When In Rome. Which I loved the first time but even MORE so now that I've watched Veronica Mars. Which, by the way:

You're Welcome!

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